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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution in Marriage

Let’s face it. Every couple in a committed relationship will argue at one point or another.

Having disagreements is a normal part of any relationship. In fact, it can actually bring about greater intimacy if both couples can overcome these hurdles through dialogue and compromise.

The real challenge is not to let those disagreements turn into conflict gridlock. Understanding what it means is the first step to unlocking it in your marriage.

Lisa and Bob met after they were recruited to work for a large accounting firm. She was struck by his quick wit and intelligence, and he couldn’t resit her bright blue eyes. They spent long hours together at work, but couldn’t wait to see each other for dinner, drinks or weekend getaways.

“I was totally crazy about him,” said Lisa. “We spent long hours talking bout our hope and dreams for the future, and I knew this was a man I could spend my life with.”

Married for five years, the couple recently had a son. And like many couples, the stress of a two-career household and childcare issues had this once happy couple far from wedded bliss.

Read the rest of the article that was originally published in the Houston Family Magazine.

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